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Serve up a slice of summer on a DIY tray embellished with a watermelon motif inspired by colorful paper napkins.

Looking for a quick way to update a wood tray for summer fun? Watermelon-themed paper napkins inspired this tasty design, but any summery motif, fruity or otherwise, will work.

Cut paint-stirring sticks to line the bottom of a plain wood tray and hide the original surface. After cutting the sticks to fit, whitewash them, let dry, and then place them inside the tray. Adhere the sticks in place with craft glue, if needed. Next, separate the backing layers from the paper napkins and cut around images. Cut out a few individual seeds or smaller motifs as well. Brush heavy gel matte medium onto the wood where the first napkin cutout will be applied. Lay the cutout in place and gently smooth from the center out. Repeat to add other cutouts and a scattering of seeds. Using your computer, print a word or phrase, such as “Yum” or “Sweet Summer,” in a coordinating font and size. Cut out individual letters and adhere as above. After adhering all the cutouts and allowing the medium to dry, brush the top surface of each piece with additional medium, staying within the edges. When dry, use a clear spray sealer to coat and protect the entire tray surface before using it for serving drinks or snacks or to enhance a summer vignette.