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Just in Time for Christmas

Convert a classic metal alarm clock into a vintage-inspired shadow box to help you ring in the holidays.

The shell of a metal alarm clock, either a newer example or a vintage find, can become the setting for a miniature snow scene. This type of clock can sometimes be found at a flea market or antiques store, but a shiny new one will work just as well. Assembling the display within the cutoff bottom of an oatmeal container makes it easy to create the scene first and then slide it into place.

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• Traditional twin-bell alarm clock
• Scrapbook paper
• Glitter
• Miniature bottle-brush trees
• Miniature ornaments
• Cutouts from vintage greeting cards
• Stickers, charms and other seasonal trinkets
• Round oatmeal container base, with label removed and cut to fit within the clock body
• Craft glue

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1. Unscrew the back plate from the clock and remove the inner workings, clock face and glass front.
2. Gather materials to create the inner vignette, including scrapbook papers, miniature trees and ornaments and other small seasonal items.
3. Line the inside of the cutoff bottom of the oatmeal container with patterned scrapbook paper and arrange your wintertime tableau inside. Add dabs of glue to hold the pieces in place and sprinkle the assembly with glitter.
4. Slide the container into the back of the clock and push it forward until it fits snugly. Glue the back of the clock in place. You can choose to replace the clock glass before you insert the container or leave it off.

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This project originally appeared in the 2015 issue of Country Sampler's Christmas. Very limited quantities are still available.

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