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Stylish Laundry Storage

1. Soap Jar
If you use powdered detergent, think outside the box and stash it in a clear glass jar adorned with a vintage-style label. Add a cute metal scoop or vintage metal measuring cup for distributing the contents.
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2. Sock Collector
Have you found that socks sometimes "disappear" during the laundry process? Create a place for singletons to hang out while awaiting their perfect match. Simply spray paint a small refrigerator or microwave rack bronze and embellish it with a mini sign and ribbon bow before clipping on the socks with small clothespins.
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3. Lint Container
Regularly cleaning out the lint trap on your dryer can help prevent fires, but the fluffy fibers can be quite messy to transport to the trash. Safely stash them in a charming container outfitted for the purpose. Whitewash a new or vintage metal bait bucket and decoupage it with a printed label to create this handy catchall.
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