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Creative Country Storage Solutions

Itís been proven that having an organized home begets a more organized lifeómaking effective use of your space and having designated storage spots for items can save you time and money and improve your state of mind.

However, if you are committed to country style, you might find that many organizers available in stores have a more contemporary flair than you would like. The solution? Repurpose old items in new ways to meet your needs. Here are six savvy storage solutions that offer a fresh take on old goods:

1. Totes Handy
Although originally designed to contain a carpenterís tools of the trade, an antique tool tote can be pressed into service in nearly any room of the house. Fit it with small crocks filled with cooking utensils, tuck books inside for a portable library, or stock it with necessities for a guest bath.

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2. To the Letter
Convert an old wood letter holder (readily available at thrift stores) into a handy container for homework helpers, such as pens, pencils, scissors and the like. Paint and stencil the holder and station it above a desk.
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3. Sift and Sort
While an antique sifter can display items decoratively, you can also employ it to corral your daily mail or papers along with your favorite magazines. Place it where it will be a tangible reminder to sift through the stack and recycle or file incoming materials before they pile up.
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4. Have Towel, Will Travel
Provide a stylish spot to stash extra guest towels by mounting a vintage travel hatbox thatís missing its lid on a bathroom wall. Roll the towels tightly to maximize the space available.
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5. Door Prize
Parts salvaged from old cabinetry can be transformed into a wall-mounted holder that both keeps your jewelry neat and also provides a delicate display. Team a larger door with two drawer fronts. Paint and distress the pieces and then attach an assortment of interesting knobs to the fronts of each. Secure the smaller panels to either side of the center panel with hinges to give the holder a dimensional look.

This project appeared in Country Sampler Living Simply. Back issues are still available.
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6. Animal Attraction
Small drawers from old sewing cabinets are readily available at flea markets and vintage shops. The versatile little cubbies can be a convenient catchall for small pet gear, such as brushes, collars and waste bags. Staple sturdy ribbon to the bottom of the drawer on each end, tie the ribbon ends into a bow, and then hang on a hook in the mudroom.
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