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Trends for Country Kitchens

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Through the years, many things about homes have changed, but now, as in the past, when our forebears gathered around the hearth to cook, socialize and keep warm, the kitchen has an enduring place as the heart of the home. Here are four of the hottest kitchen trends for the coming year that would work great in a country home:

• Return to Richer Colors
While classic whites and the recently favored shades of gray are expected to continue as staples for kitchen cabinetry, deeper colors are making a comeback. Black and shades of blue are gaining popularity. Many homeowners are opting for more than one color or finish, such as adding a bright red or navy blue island to accent more neutral perimeter cabinets. Color is even moving into appliances, with some of the high-end lines offering bold hues, though stainless steel and black stainless are still the most popular choices.

• Rustic Wood Accents
Though not new to fans of country decor, rustic wood is coming to many styles of kitchens as an alternative to adding interest through color. Distressed and reclaimed woods are sought after for everything from flooring to island accents, shelving and even ceilings. And oak cabinetry is seeing a resurgence -- not the stock cabinets of the 1980s and 1990s, but rather quarter-sawn or rift-sawn varieties with a textured, sandblasted surface and light glazes ranging from pewter to black.

• Black and Gold Hardware
When it comes to kitchen hardware, including knobs and pulls, the polished or brushed nickel looks that have reigned for so long are being cast aside for warmer gold tones and matte-black finishes. The matte-black look goes especially well with the crisp painted finishes or rustic woods that are the staples of the popular farmhouse look.

• Open Shelving
Instead of wall-to-wall cabinets, kitchen designers are bringing more variation to the walls above the work space by replacing at least a few cabinets with open shelving for utilitarian items, such as dishes, cups, bowls, to collections of crockery or cookbooks. Working as both storage and decor, these shelves create a brand-new look for things you already own.

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  Photographed and Styled by Gridley + Graves Photographed and Styled by Gridley + Graves

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