Using Florals in Autumn Decor

From grasses to garlands, blogger Liz Marie Galvan shares jumping-off points for incorporating stems into fall displays.

In her book, Cozy White Cottage Seasons: 100 Ways to Be Cozy All Year Long, blogger Liz Marie Galvan organizes her interior decorating and entertaining ideas by the season. Her fall ideas include using flowers and greenery, even though that’s not often the first thing we reach for during the season. This excerpt from the book offers help on getting started:

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Incorporate florals all year. “So often we think of florals as being for the spring and summer months, but I find them to be an essential part of cozy decor all year, adding life, movement, height and texture,” Liz Marie writes. “For fall, I like to choose from beautiful sunflowers, floaty wheatgrass stems or one of my favorites—fall branches I’ve foraged from the farm. And don’t forget about all the pumpkins, gourds and even fall fruits that can bring a touch of the cozy, colorful outdoors into your home. In addition to trying out faux and fresh, fall is a great time to experiment with dried florals.” Click here for larger image
Rethink garlands featuring leaves instead of flowers. “And don’t forget the garlands!” she emphasizes. “Drape leafy, colorful garlands over mantels, weave them into your vignettes, or wrap them around wreaths for instant color and autumn cozy.” Click here for larger image
Try fruit and vegetables, too. “Anchor collections of gourds and pumpkins with leafy greenery, bunches of kale, or sphagnum moss, and tuck into corners, under benches and on shelves,” she shares. “Mix faux fruit, preferably with stems and leafy branches still attached, for a beautiful centerpiece. Or pile collections of seasonal apples and pears into wooden bowls or creamy white crockery—this makes for a beautiful display.” Click here for larger image

These ideas and more are in Cozy White Cottage Seasons: 100 Ways to Be Cozy All Year Long, by Liz Marie Galvan. Copyright 2021 by Thomas Nelson; photos used with permission. The 240-page book is available for preorder via

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