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Enhance Your Home with Simple Winter Accents

Create a comforting atmosphere with accessories that are perfect for the turn of the calendar.

Even if the mercury in your thermometer doesnít dip very low this time of year, itís easy to find joy in varying your vignettes according to the season. January brings the extra challenge of brightening up spaces that might feel a little empty after the holidays. Here are three ideas to fill out any room:

Cozy Up to the Fire. Enjoy the warm glimmer of white miniature lights nestled between natural birch logs, a few delicate branches and white-tipped pinecones. Settled in a container inside or in front of an unlit fireplace or decorative mantelpiece, it provides an instant alternative to a fire with all the ambience and none of the mess. Settle different lengths and widths of birch logs in a metal tub that fits your firebox. Wrap white string lights loosely around the base of the logs and toward the top of the container. Tuck in a few light and airy branches among the logs. Top with pinecones edged in white paint and sprinkled with glitter. Click here for larger image
Pick a Peck of Pinecones. Adorn tiny ceramic pails with natural elements to brighten a tablescape or mantel display. When decorating with untreated pinecones, heat them in the oven first to ensure insects arenít hiding. This has the added benefits of reducing the stickiness of the sap and opening the cones up a bit wider. Heat at 200įF on a foil-lined baking sheet for about 30 minutes, and then let cool completely. Mist the pinecones with gold spray paint, dab glue on the outside edges of the pinecone and roll it in glitter. Add a sprig of cedar greenery to each pail, and top with a shining pinecone. Click here for larger image
Put Nature on Display. Hang this arrangement bursting with natural textures anywhere that needs a winter boost. Wearing protective gloves, cut a piece of chicken wire for your cone shape, starting narrow and growing wider. Loop the narrow end to create an open bottom and secure by folding the loose wires into the mesh with pliers. Spiral the mesh up, gradually increasing the diameter. On the back, attach wires to hold the spiral. Run a long piece of wire through the mesh from the bottom to the top to stabilize the cone and create a wire loop for hanging. Spray-paint the wire white. Insert greens as well as twigs that extend out the bottom and top of the opening. Integrate sprays of berries and snowy pinecones among the greens. Secure a big buffalo-check bow as a finishing touch. Click here for larger image

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