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Craft a Pebbled Birdhouse

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Feather your nest with a DIY birdhouse decorated with natural embellishments.

Plain premade birdhouses are widely available, but if you’re anything like us, sometimes the options are too vast and the inspiration is slow in coming. Need a focused decorating idea? Try this!

Give a simple birdhouse a natural new look with pinecone petals and small pebbles. Use sharp scissors to snip complete petals from real pinecones. Trowel premixed adhesive/grout along the bottom edge of one side of the roof. Set petals side by side and slightly extending over the edge. Apply the next row of petals, overlapping the first and offset like shingles. Push just the tip of each petal into the grout. Continue adding rows to complete one side of the roof and then repeat on the other side.

Trowel grout around the birdhouse entry hole and press on pebbles. Then, trowel grout onto the rest of the front and add pebbles. Continue applying grout and pebbles until all sides are covered. Fill in any gaps with grout or smaller pebbles. Let dry and then hang.

From Country Sampler's Summer Decorating 2017.

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