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Arranging Eye-Catching Collections

Follow these simple tips to make the most of your prized possessions and display them to their best effect.

1. Take a visual inventory of your collections and determine what you absolutely love and want to keep—or, at least, let remain on display. Weed out pieces that don’t seem to fit in terms of size, shape, color, theme, etc.

2. After you have pared down your vignettes, vary the heights and sizes of the objects to give more visibility to smaller or special items. Large and small pieces can coexist in the same grouping, but use books, pedestals and stands to elevate tiny treasures.

3. Add depth to your displays by layering items from back to front rather than lining them up in an evenly spaced row along a mantel or shelf. The eye has a natural tendency to want to stop and take in pieces individually, so leave enough space between groupings to draw attention to each vignette.

4. When styling cabinets and shelves, position the larger items first, and then fill in with smaller items to create balance. But, resist the urge to cover every open spot with a tiny trinket—the display needs room to breathe.

5. When it comes time to dust or switch to holiday accessories, take a picture of your displays first if you would like to return them to their original look.