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Texture-Rich Topiary

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Donít have a lot of space to spread out your decor? Go vertical instead and bring your decorating to new heights by crafting this sweet topiary tower!

This topiary features a hefty base and a variety of faux greenery and florals on every level. Build your own in a similar sturdy container with five foam spheres that gradually decrease in size from 6" to 2". Choose materials to cover each ball that transition in color from dark to light. In this example, the bottom sphere is covered with dark-green decorative moss and accented with white daisies, the next is covered in rows of small leaves, the two atop that feature tight layers of green flowers and tiny white blossoms, and the top ball is adorned with white organza flowers. When your spheres are decorated, stack them on a long dowel and secure with hot glue. Add some leafy vines to twine and trail from the bottom to the top. Secure the topiary in the base container with floral putty.